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China, United States, Russia… faced with the battle of the giants, France remains a spectator


United States: “America first!” »

The presidents follow one another but the watchword remains the same.

And if, despite two changes of presidency, a double partisan alternation and very different personalities in the White House, the United States had been pursuing the same foreign policy for more than a decade? A policy that can be summed up in two words: America first!, “America first!” “. It was under Obama’s presidency (2009-2017) that the strategic withdrawal of the United States from the Middle East and Europe began in favor of the Asia-Pacific zone with, in particular, the release of Mubarak in Egypt and the lack of reaction in Syria after setting a “red line” in the event of the use of chemical weapons.

Nature does not like a vacuum: the American withdrawal, instead of giving birth to a peaceful world, has allowed the emergence of new imperialisms and fueled the appetites of Turkey, Iran and Russia, in particular. Especially since Obama’s successor, the Republican Trump, practiced a messy and sterile isolationism from 2017 to 2021. Three examples: his personal game with North Korea strengthened the communist dictator without any advantage for the United States; the denunciation of the 2015 agreement on the Iranian nuclear program allowed Tehran to resume its uranium enrichment program; By blowing on the embers of Brexit or knowingly sabotaging the credibility of NATO, Trump has crudely demonstrated that Europe is no longer a priority for the United States.

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The Europeans welcomed the fall of Trump, but, excess and cynicism forgotten, Biden’s America believes more than ever in a change of priority, in a major refocusing on Asia-Pacific, clearly in the threat China, the “yellow peril” of William II. The hasty departure from Afghanistan and the Aukus alliance with Australia and the United Kingdom show that the Middle East and Europe are no longer strategic priorities for America, which is ready to sacrifice the interests and the prestige of its oldest ally, France. Ironically, if, for the past two months, Joe Biden has been paying a little more attention to Europe, it is thanks to… Putin. By seeking to remember Biden fondly through the Ukrainian crisis, Russia is thwarting the American policy of refocusing on Asia and forcing the White House to look at the Old Continent and its NATO allies, essential in the event of a crisis in Eastern Europe. “America first”, perhaps, but America cannot escape History and a century of presence in Europe.

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