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CheBanca !, archived half year with record growth in volumes and profitability


The first half of the 2021/2022 financial year of CheBanca! closed with record growth for masses (+ 15% approximately, exceeding 34 billion) and the profitability (+ 13% approximately, almost 200 million). This was announced in a press release by the Mediobanca group company active in financial consultancy.

CheBanca !: the growth of the masses

In detail, the masses totals by CheBanca! have reached i 34.2 billion eurosup by 14.5% y / y and 2.4% compared to September 2021, with an increase in AUM / AUA components of 23.7% y / y 17.2 billion (+ 5.8% compared to September 2021).

The growth in volumes sees a balanced contribution from the main distribution channels in the half year. The masses belonging to the proprietary channel they amounted to 26.6 billion, divided into 11.9 billion AUM / AUA and 14.8 billion deposits. As regards the masses referring to i financial advisors reached 7.6bn, divided into 5.3bn AUM / AUA and 2.3bn deposits.

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The increase in revenues

During the first half of 2021/2022 i revenues of the Milanese bank increased by 12.8% (+22.1 million; from 173.3 million a 195.4 million euros) thanks to the positive contribution of the interest margin which grew by 6.8% (+7.6 million; from 111.9 million to 119.5 million) but above all to commissions increased by 24% (+14.5 million; from 60.5 to 75 million) with particular regard to managed / insured component which goes from 43.5 to 57.3 million euros.

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