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Celine Dion sick: what illness does the singer suffer from?


It has now been a few months since the mystery hangs over the state of health of Celine Dion. The singer had been forced to cancel all concerts of her North American tour as well as all the dates of the brand new show that she had to give in Las Vegas due to an illness of which she and her relatives were silent about the name and details. Since publication by the magazine Paris Match photos showing it very emaciated with drawn features, rumors were rife about the health of the interpreter of For you to love me again (source 1). Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, burn-out… Fans of the 53-year-old singer were worried about her health.

While the Quebec media The Press had revealed that the collaborators of the singer signed “ confidentiality agreements that prevent them from speaking to journalists “, relatives have decided to lift the veil on disease suffered by Celine Dion to put an end to the rumors. A source close to the Quebec singer explained to the newspaper The Parisian that Celine Dion “does not suffer from cancer or Alzheimer’s disease (source 2). Celine has long a digestive problem, and this causes muscle spasms but also a weightloss. On her, which is already not thick, it shows. Nothing to worry about according to the source who specifies that: “this disease is not serious, it does not require an operation but requires a long medical treatment and a draconian diet “.

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Celine Dion’s concerts in Paris maintained

Although the Canadian star suffers from muscle spasms persistent who forced him to put his musical career on hold for a few months, his relatives told Le Parisien that for the time being “the Parisian dates are maintained”. The sources even specify to the newspaper that “Céline will arrive at the end of May in Paris to settle there during her concerts in Europe”. Good news that has something to reassure his French fans.

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