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Car market in deep crisis, government is thinking of incentives


With a market ofcar in deep crisisthe Italian government would be working to develop a aid package for the sector in deep crisis. Package in which there will also be new incentives for the purchase of cars. The rough layout would be ready but there are still some details on which an agreement has to be found.

These are the rumors that have been running around in the last few hours. The idea would be to launch the Single fund for the automotive sector of one billion euros per year. Therefore, it would not be a one-off measure but a multi-year structured plan, so as to also facilitate the transition to less polluting vehicles, but also facilitate the disposal and scrapping of the most polluting cars.

Auto crisis, the measures under study

According to rumors reported by Corriere della Sera, the hypothesis on which the executive is working “plans to prepare the first resources already with the decree on expensive energy, expected for next week.
The incentive system will be split based on emissions. Of these resources, 750 million could be allocated to discounts for cars ranging from 0 to 60 grams of CO2 per kilometer, and 250 million for cars with emissions between 61 and 135 grams per kilometer ”.

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The news leaked in recent days on the possibility of creating a fund were fed by the statements of Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti during a question time to the Senate, which made it known that “some form of provision similar to that which exists in other European countries must be envisaged.
This drives demand and induces and convinces all the subjects in the supply chain to make investments, even assisted and subsidized by the state. I hope that Parliament or the Government will soon devote as much attention to the challenges of the automotive sector. Otherwise we will be facing an epochal crisis “.

Auto market: 2022 starts badly, sales -20%

The car industry is a sector that is heavily affected by difficulties that have affected the industry because of pandemic and of semiconductor crisis. In December 2021, according to Istat data, production fell by 12.3% compared to the same month of 2020, while in the whole year it recorded an increase of 8.9% against a growth of 11.8% in general index.

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Also in January 2022 the market started slowly. The car registeredand they were 107,814, with a decrease of 19.7% on the same month of 2021 and of 34.8% compared to 2019, the worst January in 38 years. “Italy – recalls the Director General of UNRAE Andrea Cardinali – continues to be the only major market not to foresee for 2022 support for the demand for zero or very low emission vehicles”.

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