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Cancer increases inequalities between men and women


According to a survey published by the Institut Curie on Thursday February 4, there are strong disparities between men and women confronted with cancer.

“The figures remind us: each year, the number of cancers in women increases, under the effect of smoking or by lack of prevention. Precariousness, return to work, mental load, organization of the home… during and after treatment, the occurrence of cancer in a woman is a reinforced rupture and the social impact of the disease is heavier for them“, says Professor Steven Le Gouill, director of the Hospital Complex of the Institut Curie (source 1).

Difficulties in balancing family life and professional life

“More than half of French women think that women with cancer cannot find the same professional life as before the disease, a factor aggravating the precarious situations of women”, regrets the Curie Institute. And to explain: “if one person in five has not returned to work one year after treatment, women have had more work stoppages and more working time arrangements than men“.

According to the French, the main difficulties for a woman who has recovered from cancer, when returning to professional life, are:

  • of suffer the gaze of others and prejudice,
  • of regain one’s place
  • and of succeed in performing.

More intimate factors also impact women

Sexuality is neither a luxury nor a taboo, insists on this point Dr. Sylvie Dolbeault, psychiatrist and head of the psycho-oncology and social service of the Institut Curie. It is crucial to be able to evoke and legitimize these questions around sexuality and intimacy within the framework of the therapeutic process” (source 1).

Fighting cancer is not only seeing tumors disappear over the course of chemo and radiation, it is also psychological supporthelp with fatigue, improve self-esteem, socially and professionally support women.

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