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Bouygues Telecom launches a rapid in-store smartphone repair service


Bouygues Telecom announces the establishment of a rapid in-store smartphone repair service. This concerns both the operator’s customers and those at Orange, SFR or Free Mobile.

A smartphone repair service in Bouygues Telecom stores

To benefit from the service, all you have to do is go to a Bouygues Telecom store and hand the phone over to a salesperson for repair. He will draw up an estimate before taking charge of it and sending it for repair to the operator’s partner, namely WeFix by Fnac. An SMS will notify the customer of the availability of his repaired smartphone in the shop. The repair time for your phone varies between 1 and 5 working days.

Those who have a Bouygues Telecom Sensation package are entitled to a reduction of around 30% on the amount of the repair, twice a year until February 4, 2023.

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Why a delay of up to 5 days? It all depends on the repair, quite simply. For example, a component may need to be ordered if it is not in stock.

Bouygues Telecom indicates that the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained with its service. As for the repair itself, it is guaranteed for one year (except for the battery change).

The rapid repair offer is available now in the 500 Bouygues Telecom stores.

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