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Beware of card fraud


If you received this message in your inbox, beware. French people were the recipients of an email inviting them to rclaim a new vital card. All of this, of course, with the Health Insurance logo. Asked by 60 million consumers, she confirms that there was no renewal campaign launched at this time of year.

Be careful because these fraudulent messages are only intended to extract information that could lead to identity theft or bank withdrawals. Indeed, Health Insurance would never ask you “to confirm your identity and bank card number to send you your Vitale card”, recalls the public interest group Action against cybermalveillance (Acyma) in a tweet.

Check the sender carefully

Other organizations are also affected by these scams. Like the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf) which recently warned against a message to be completed in order to receive the “inflation allowance”. Another phishing attempt.

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To ensure the origin of a message of this type, the official site of the French administration recommends not to rely solely on the logo, to always check the email address of the sender and to do not share personal information outside of secure sites. Indeed, “no entity asks to communicate personal or banking information outside the secure areas of official sites”. For information in complete security, it is also recommended to directly consult your personal space by accessing the site concerned without clicking on the links in the messages.

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