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Banca Generali: deposits at 849 million in December, 7.7 billion in 2021


Banca Generali closed 2021 with the best given monthly and yearly ever. In December 2021 i flows totals scored by financial advisors of Banca Generali were equal to € 849 million highlighting excellent quality and diversification: the set of managed, insurance and administered solutions in fact touched one billion (€ 986 million, + 24% yoy) while the liquidity parked in current accounts decreased.
There collection total in 2021 it reached € 7.7 billion from the beginning of the year (+ 31% y / y), surpassing the previous record of € 6.9 billion in 2017. Also in this case, the excellent mix and product diversification should be noted.

Banca Generali, details on deposits

Specifically, the collection in solutions managed (€ 696 million, € 5.3 billion in the year) of Banca Generali is well distributed with a particularly positive result for financial containers (€ 242 million in the month, € 938 million in the year) and insurance (€ 141 million in the year). month, € 1.4 billion in the year).
The constant growth of the LUX IM Sicav is also confirmed with € 178 million in the month and € 1.5 billion in the year. The masses in Advanced Consulting they amounted to € 7.3 billion (+ 21% yoy) with a positive change of € 155 million in the month.

“The great work alongside clients in the diversification and protection of assets and the commitment to innovation of the instruments and the range of offers are leading to objectives that are higher than our own estimates. The strong flows of net and managed deposits, built without extraordinary incentives or digital promotions, but the result of the advice of our bankers to families, represent an excellent result that projects us towards new historical peaks in terms of annual flows.
The numerous awards, the sustainable offer model, the effectiveness of the management, and of the digital solutions, confirm the effectiveness of the path taken, but above all the trust that continues to grow from customers is the best business card with which present our development ambitions in view of the new three-year plan scheduled for February ”, he commented Gianmaria Mossa the CEO of Banca Generali.

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