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Azimut, between new products and fintech: from the annual convention the road to the future


The two days of yesterday closed convention annual of Group Azimuth held in partially digital mode which was attended by 2,300 people including financial consultants, managers and employees during which they were 2021 pre-closing results presented (net profit range 600-605 million euros) and the main projects that will be implemented in 2022 by the Milanese network of financial advisors.

Azimut, the growth of the offer

In the early months of 2022, the Azimut Group intends to expand the range of offer from products And services with a strong focus on the themes of evolution that are characterizing the transformation of economic systems in the pandemic era.

In particular, the offer of investment solutions in private markets, through alternative funds and club deals set up by Azimut Investments, a Luxembourg product factory, dedicated to retail and professional customers, will focus on the consumer sectors in Europe and the US, on technological innovation and on the fintech project of neoFinance of the group.

As part of development new products, particular emphasis is placed on offering funds that benefit from incentives related to PIR Alternatives, such as ELTIF Digital Lending II, also in combination with incentives for innovative companies, such as ELTIF PIR ALICrowd II, in partnership with Mamacrowd, and ELTIF P103, in partnership with P101.

A management offer dedicated to real assets will be developed for the first time in Italy, focused on Infrastructure Social, with theELTIF InfraReal Asset ESG and Art, with the RAIF Passion Italy.
The supply of US private markets, following the launch in 2021 of the ELTIF / RAIF Highpost private equity funds, expands with the ELTIF / RAIF US Credit Opportunities private debt funds, managed by the team of Kennedy Lewis, the credit manager alternative in which the Group holds a 20% stake, focused on direct lending to American companies.

Furthermore, with the Global Private Markets Next Generation fund, for the first time in Europe the opportunity will be offered to private clients to be able to invest in a staking & seeding strategy that will combine minority investments in the capital of emerging managers in US private markets. selected by the US team of Azimut Alternative Capital Partners, and in the funds they manage.
The offering of financial planning products and services will also be strengthened with the launch of Azimut Universal, the new private insurance product that will make it possible to integrate the offer unit-linked with the management skills of the global wealth management team.

The new app is coming

During the first months of the year it will also be launched on the market Beewise, L’mobile application from investment of the Group, dedicated to the millenials with an exclusive offer of thematic funds supported by innovative Personal Financial Management functions and with the possibility of contributing to environmental sustainability objectives.

Weather, diversification And method are the three keystones in the product development process of Azimuth in a market context in which themes such as growth, inflation, central bank shares and negative real rates pose an important challenge to the sustainability of performance in the medium term.
Our product proposal is based on the belief that diversification within a single portfolio between public and private markets is the only alternative to traditional balanced strategies, offsetting the risks of the bond world with rising rates and the normal volatility of the equity.
The management skills of over 150 professionals present in the 17 global investment hubs and strategic partnerships with global alternative managers, incorporated in our financial consultancy model integrated with our product verticals, are the differentiating strengths towards passive management and in the new economic cycle is not suitable for efficient portfolio management, especially in the context of a growing correlation between asset classes. The commitment to developing a range of digital asset management solutions based on the blockchain, with a development logic functional to the evolution of our industry towards alternative business finance models ”, he explained Giorgio Medda, Group Chief Executive Officer and Global Head of Asset Management.

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