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Australian open: the 2022 prize money. How much Berrettini has earned so far


For the ranking, but also for the wallet: win at the Australian Open in fact, tennis means significantly increasing your bank account. THEthe winner of the 2022 edition, the one that is being played in Melbourne, he will pocket over two million US dollars. On the other hand, who will lose the final and will have the opportunity to console themselves with a prize of 1,400 million dollars.

Australian Open, the prize pool

Overall, this year the prize money of the Australian Open is over $ 53.5 million, a figure that must be divided between all participants in the men’s and women’s singles and doubles tournaments and among those who will also play mixed doubles.
Compared to the last edition, the Prize Money of the Australian Open was up 4.9%. Beyond the dizzying figures set for the top positions in the standings, even the players who lost in the first round have collected significant figures.

The first round is paid $ 74,200, the second 110,900 US dollars. The figures obviously rise and a lot when it comes to the last rounds: i quarters allow a premium of US $ 387,920, the semifinals $ 644,730. The same figures are obviously identical on both the male and female levels.

How much has he collected so far Matteo Berrettini

The figures listed above show the Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini with his victory in the quarter-finals he has already pocketed the correspondent of 567 thousand euros, which can obviously become even more. If Berrettini, in fact, were to reach the final, an even more succulent win is expected for him: the second classified will get around 1 million euros in his pocket, whoever wins the tournament will be entitled to around 1.8 million euros.
Here are the awards related to singles male and female of the Australian Open 2022:
  • Winner: US $ 2,072,000
  • Final: 1,149,000 US dollars
  • Semi-finals: US $ 644,730
  • Quarters: US $ 387,920
  • Round of 16: 236,280 US dollars
  • Third round: 159,200 US dollars
  • Second round 110,900 US dollars
  • First round 74,200 US dollars
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