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Are we having more nightmares with Covid-19?


Does the Covid-19 also invite itself into our nights? According to a study, the more severe the form of the disease, the more the patients would be vulnerable to nightmares. Specifically, those who have been affected by the virus would be more prone to nightmares.

To explain this link, some researchers claim that infection is an experience of an intensity comparable to that of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. In order to reach this conclusion, this study was conducted by sleep specialists in 14 countries. They compared the frequency of dreams and nightmares in two groups of 544 people, including one group who had had Covid-19. These findings were published in the medical journal Nature and Science of Sleep.

Anxiety and depression

“Before even bringing back nightmares, people tended to remember their dreams more since the start of the pandemic than before the pandemic. This could be due to the fact that working from home has allowed many to get up later, and that it is mainly in the morning that we dream, during what is called REM sleep”, reported an author of the study. , Professor Charles Morin, of the School of Psychology and the CERVO Research Center of Laval University. Before completing: “And if we remember more of our dreams, the chances are greater that we will nightmare through it, because everyone has nightmares at one time or another.”

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With the appearance of the Covid-19 epidemic, the frequency of nightmares exploded by 50% in the group affected by the virus and by 35% in the control group. Additionally, those affected by a moderate or severe form of the disease had nightmares more often than those affected by milder forms of the virus. This is not the only learning from this study. Those who were affected by Covid-19 suffered more from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.

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