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Are Facebook and Instagram closing in Europe? Zuckerberg denies it


“We have absolutely no desire and no plan to withdraw from Europe,” so a spokesman for Halfthe holding company to which they belong Facebook And Instagramputs an end to rumors about a possible withdrawal of the group from the Old Continent.

It all started with a document sent by Meta Inc. to the Sec (Security and Exchange Commission), the American market guarantor. Within this document, a sentence, which lends itself to different interpretations, has triggered a real rumble on the net. In the spotlight, the phrase explaining how Meta, in the absence of new rules that can allow data to flow between Europe and the United States, probably won’t be able to offer some of the most important products and services, including Facebook and Instagram, in Europe. “A fact that would materially and adversely affect our business, our financial condition and the results of our operations,” it reads.

A threat, therefore, not too veiled in the light of Meta’s thousands of European employees, to which 10 thousand new hires should soon be added to work at the Metaverse.

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At the center of the battle is the processing of personal data: if Meta is not given the option of transferring, storing and using the data of its European users on American servers, then the giant could be forced to close some of its activities in the EU. Everything stems from a ruling by the European Court of Justice, which in July 2020 invalidated the Privacy Shield, the agreement signed between the EU and the US to regulate the transfer of data from one part of the ocean to another. Since then there have been several attempts to find a new agreement, so far without success.

The denial of Facebook

However, when the sentence contained in the document sent to the SEC became a real case. And many have wondered if really Facebook and Instagram were ready to say goodbye to the European market, from the company of Menlo Park came a denial:

“Simply Meta, like many other companies, organizations and services, relies on the transfer of data between the EU and the United States in order to offer global services. Like other companies, in order to provide a global service, we follow European rules and rely on Standard Contractual Clauses and on adequate data protection measures ”the spokesperson specified. “Businesses fundamentally need clear and global rules to protect data flows between the US and the EU in the long term, and like more than 70 other companies across a wide range of industries, as the situation evolves, we are closely monitoring the potential impact on our European operations ”concluded the Meta spokesperson.

The response from Brussels was not long in coming. Meta’s announcement “is very recent and we have no comments to make at the moment”, however “one thing must be absolutely clear: the EU establishes its legislation taking into account our values, the interests of consumers and citizens”. European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer said. The EU “obviously takes into account the points of view expressed by economic operators, but acts autonomously when it has to establish its own regulations”, reiterated the spokesman.

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