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Apple: the news 2022 in the fall, what the market expects


The rumors about news 2022 coming to the market from Apple. What has just begun, according to many observers, will be a year in which the Cupertino house will make a bang with presentations: four new iPhonesa MacBook Low-end pros, a iMac updated, the new Mac Pro, a revised version of the MacBook Air, an update of AirPods Pro, three Apple Watch and low-end versions of iPad And iPad Pro, the list of news. In short, according to what Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman writes in the latest “PowerOn” newsletter, the list is long.

In the presentation of the products, Apple it generally follows a pattern, which has been repeated over the years, on the launch of new products. In spring he presents the updates to its minor products. In the summer, he reveals the new software and holds the usual developer conference.
While the most important launches are postponed to autumn, close to the quarter
holiday, the one in which it sells the most.

Apple’s 2022 news calendar

The calendar should also be similar this year. Gurman confirmed that most of the presentations will be concentrated in the fall, although in the first event of the year, between March or April, the Californian giant will announce the iPhone SE new generation, a new iPad Air and maybe a new one Top-of-the-range Macs.

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This will be followed by the launch of all the other products during the autumn. As for the specific case of iPad Pro, it should not arrive in an imminent way on the market due to some changes that the company has in the pipeline.

More precisely, according to what the analyst reported, Apple is working on four new iPhones (Standard, Max, Pro and Pro Max), a low-end MacBook Pro, an updated iMac, the new Mac Pro, a revised version of the MacBook Air, an updated AirPods Pro, three Apple Watches (Standard, SE, and Rugged), a low-end version of the iPad and a refurbished iPad Pro.

Apple also had plans to release in the course of 2022 its first AR / VR headset in 2022but rumors have suggested that the device’s debut may have been postponed to 2023 as there are still issues that need to be addressed.

The title

After a 2021 with a bang, 2022 started at two speeds for the title Apple. In strong acceleration in the first sessions of the year, when the capitalization of 3 trillion was touched, the shares are now traveling in the red with a loss of around 10%,

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