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Anpr online: the national registry of the resident population completed


Another step forward for Italy on the way to digitization And bureaucratic simplification thanks to the National Registry of the resident population. From Sicily to South Tyrol, the data of 67 million citizens are now in a single and secure registry that can be consulted by citizens online.

This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior according to which with the takeover of the Sicilian municipality of San Teodoro the path to bring all the Italian municipalities into theNational register of the resident population (Anpr).
From today, Italians residing in the 7,903 municipalities of the country and those abroad registered with Aire can check and request the possible correction of their personal data, print certificates and use the services available online, in an easy and safe way.

Acronym of National Registry of Resident Population, ANPR is an integrated, effective system with high safety standards, which allows municipalities to interact with other public administrations. It allows the data to communicate, avoiding duplication of documents, ensuring greater certainty of the personal data and protecting the personal data of citizens.

Thanks to ANPR, Italian administrations will have a single reference point of data and personal information, from which they can find certain and secure information in order to provide integrated and more efficient services for citizens. With a single national registry, each update on ANPR will be immediately available for public bodies accessing the database, from the Revenue Agency to the INPS, to the Civil Motorization.

For the Public Administration it means gain in efficiency overcoming the previous fragmentation, optimizing resources, simplifying and automating operations relating to personal data services, consulting or extracting data, monitoring activities and carrying out analyzes and statistics. For citizens it means access to increasingly simple services, immediate and intelligent, based on shared and constantly updated information, thus being able to enjoy their digital rights. But also save time and resources, avoiding duplicating information previously provided to the various administrations they offer public services.

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Thanks to the single national registry, writes the Ministry, any update on Anpr will be immediately available to public bodies that access the database, from the Revenue Agency to the INPS to the Civil Motorization.

With the completion of the national registry of the resident population, Italy takes an important step towards the creation of a truly digital public administration, for the benefit of citizens and businesses. The services are accessible from the website www.anagrafenazionale.interno.it, also available at www.anagrafenazionale.gov.it.

In the coming months, further services for the citizen will be added, such as online procedures for making the change of residence.

Online digital certificates: which are freely downloadable

The news of the completion of the NPC comes after that since last November 15, 2021, it was made possible for the first time for Italian citizens to download the online registry certificates autonomously and free of charge.

From the wedding to the birth up to the marital status, from 15 November to get a registry certificate you no longer need to go to the counter but just sit at the computer and download it, without even paying the stamp.

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In detail, the independently downloadable certificates are:

  • Birth registry
  • Marriage registry
  • of Citizenship
  • of Existence in life
  • of Residence
  • of Residenza AIRE
  • of civil status
  • of family status
  • of family status and marital status
  • of residence in coexistence
  • of State of AIRE family
  • of family status with kinship relationships
  • of Free State
  • Civil Union registry
  • of Cohabitation Agreement

For the digital certificates you will not have to pay the stamp duty and will therefore be free (and available in multilingual mode for the municipalities with multilingualism). They can also be issued in contextual form (for example citizenship, life and residence can be requested in a single certificate).

The portal is accessed with your digital identity (SPID, Electronic Identity Card, CNS) and if the request is for a family member, the list of family members for which a certificate can be requested will be shown. The service also allows you to preview the document to verify the correctness of the data and to be able to download it in .pdf format or receive it via email.

To these first downloadable certificates others can easily be added online without changes to the regulatory framework and further services for the citizen will be implemented in the coming months, such as the procedures for making the change of residence.

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