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Andreï Doronine: “I don’t agree with being ashamed of being Russian”


In my country, May 9 is celebrated as Victory Day. I would be more inclined to consider it a day of remembrance and grief over the victims. But who cares about my opinion? This year, some executive hand has somewhat changed the flags adorning homes. The transformation is not considerable, but not a word about these signs. The peace. In Russia, public allusions to this word have recently been punishable by imprisonment. As for the word war. We can explain the prohibition of this last word, but how is it that the word peace does not suit power and senior officials?

Indeed, it is for this that during the Second World War our grandfathers and great-grandfathers shed their blood. For peace. But now it is out of the question. From now on, our slogans are: we can repeat. Repeat what? When ? To do what ?

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People don’t need an answer. We deformed the fodder of St-Georges to make a letter Z, perverted, destroyed on Victory Day. At the time of the May 9 celebrations, there were many delays in the country. Precisely because of the prohibition of the combination of two colors, for Peace, for the color white as a symbol of Peace.

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Brilliant fireworks concluded the day. And, simultaneously, precision weapons concluded this day on the territory of a neighboring state.

“The principle of the ostrich, the head in the sand, here is the position of a certain number of people. »

I won’t lose myself in conjectures about the real reasons for the “special operation”, but I can imagine that not only my generation, but also our children and grandchildren will have to pay the consequences. Politicians will agree sooner or later, it is never otherwise. But the division between neighboring peoples has occurred. Whose fault is it ? Everyone is guilty. But today the word “Russian” sounds like the definition of something unseemly, unpleasant, dangerous. I don’t like this situation.

Yes, I can accept that prices increase in a geometric progression, I lost my job and my financial situation worsens day by day. I can understand that when you show your national red passport with an eagle on it you make a pout in many countries. I can even stoically bear the closing of McDonald’s in the Russian Federation. But what I can neither understand nor accept is that for some (many) people in my country, nothing happened. As if in a neighboring country there were not dozens and even hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian victims.

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Some of my acquaintances simply say that they have stopped listening to the news. The principle of the ostrich, the head in the sand, here is the position of a certain number of people. I can neither understand nor accept that citizens opposed to this policy who have fled the country write on social networks calls for the overthrow of power and show aggression towards those who have remained. Yes, I am here, in St. Petersburg. And it annoys me that the word peace has disappeared from the triumphant flags, that we wear the letter Z on car windows and clothes, and that for a simple blank sheet of paper with which we stand in the street (flag white), one is arrested and detained for at least two weeks. It pisses me off.

I love my country, but I don’t love the state. It is so and I am not responsible for it. But I don’t agree with being ashamed of being Russian. I would like the country in which I live to become Russia and not what it has become. I see no way to influence events without suffering personally, but I choose to stay and not be silent.

Translated from Russian by Thierry Marignac

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