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American singer Meat Loaf is dead


American singer Meat Loaf, famous for his album Bat Out of Hell released in 1977, one of the best-selling of all time, died at the age of 74, according to a statement published this Friday January 21 on his Facebook account.

“It is with a broken heart that we announce that the incomparable Meat Loaf has left tonight, his wife Deborah by his side”, indicates the message. “His daughters Pearl and Amanda and close friends have been with him throughout the past 24 hours”.

Consecrated in the 1970s for his vocal and scenic qualities, Meat Loaf – whose stage name means ” meatloaf “ in reference to his imposing stature –, had worldwide success in 1977 with his album Bat out of Hell, sold more than 43 million copies. It includes the title Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, the singer is also known for his role as Eddie in the musical Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). He also participated in David Fincher’s Fight Club, released in 1999. He has also been seen in many TV series, from Equalizer in the 1980s to Dr House and Elementary, more recently, via Tales from the Crypt and Glee.

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