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Amazon raises the price of Prime service in the US. And in Italy?


Amazon raises the prices of the service Prime. In the US, the e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos has decided to adjust the costs of its Prime subscription service upwards. In particular the monthly fee for the service will be increased to $ 14.99 from the current $ 12.99, and the annual subscription fee to $ 139 from $ 119.
The price change will take effect on February 18 for new members, while for current Prime members, the new price will be applied after March 25 on the date of their next renewal.

TO weigh on these tweaksThe higher cost of mainly wages and transportation and supply chain constraints due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19, point out from Amazon’s headquarters.
It is the first time since 2018 that Amazon has raised the price of its paid subscription service, which was launched in 2005. In the US, the initial subscription price was $ 79, which was then raised to $ 99. dollars, and then to 119 dollars.

The increase however keen to point out from Amazon, also reflects theongoing expansion of benefits for Prime members like savings on prescriptions and fast, free delivery from Amazon Pharmacy.

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The benefits also include the continued growth of Amazon Music for Prime members, Prime Reading And Prime Gaming.

Amazon Prime, and in Italy?

Prime’s price hike is only expected for the US market, and Amazon has confirmed that it currently has no further announcements to make. The service in Italy has only registered two price increases, a first in 2015 when it went from the original 9.99 euros a year to 19.99 euros and then in 2018 when it went to the current 36 euros.

Stock up after the 2021 accounts

For the title Amazon on Wall Street today’s session could be marked by strong rises (+ 12% in the pre market). The US company celebrates the excellent 2021 accounts released last night: Amazon recorded revenues of $ 469.8 billion last year, up 22% while annual earnings per share were $ 64.83. These are numbers higher than analysts’ expectations.

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