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Alopecia: actress Jada Pinkett Smith (Matrix) prefers to laugh and confides without taboo


The laugh. That’s all Jada Pinkett Smith has left to deal with her alopecia, according to her own words. American actress, starring in the film Matrix Resurection, shared on Instagram a lot of self-mockery about her hair loss.

Shaved head, the 50-year-old star, wife of Will Smith since 1997 and mother of two children, explains that now she accepted this situation, for lack of being able to fight against it.

At this point, I can only laugh about it. I battled alopecia, you know, but overnight, look at this area right here. look at this”, says Jada Pinkett Smith, pointing an area at the top of his forehead, which forms a line without hair.I’m going to have a hard time hiding it… So I thought I should share the news so you don’t have too many questions“, she added with a smile, indicating not without humor that she was going to embellish this line with rhinestones and be “a small crown”.

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And in legend, the American actress shows how much she has accepted her alopecia: “Mama’s gonna have to cut them short so no one thinks she’s had brain surgery.“, she writes about her hair, because of this line that looks like a scar. And to add:Me and my alopecia are going to be friends…period!“The actress has suffered from alopecia since 2018, and has never really hidden it. enough to help those who suffer from it to better accept this difficult capillary ordeal.

In video: It’s in the news: Jada Smith suffers from alopecia

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