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after Canada, France?


Against the restrictions, all in a truck! Since Saturday, January 29, thousands of Canadian truckers have converged on the capital, Ottawa, to blockade the city and force the government to end health restrictions.

Self-proclaimed “Freedom Convoy”, this movement was organized around a few political parties classified on the far right, but above all via popular mobilization organized through social networks. While processions of Canadians, smaller, continue to pound the pavement, their model gives ideas to the four corners of the world.

France, a structured plan

Thus, in France, on January 26, a Facebook group called ” The Liberty Convoy “, has been created. In 8 days, more than 176,000 people signed up. A press release circulating there announces that “ citizens intend to recover their freedom, their fundamental rights, unconditional access to healthcare, education and culture and respect for the essential values ​​of our constitution “. They denounce the sanitary measures and in particular the quasi-vaccination obligation as well as the sanitary pass.

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According to the plans announced on this group, the movement should aggregate three convoys. Protesters from cities furthest from Paris, such as Nice and Perpignan, will leave on February 9. The next day, those of intermediate distance cities », following the example of Brest and Quimper and finally, on February 11, departure from Strasbourg or Lille. Objective: a simultaneous arrival in Paris at 8 p.m. for an evening of sharing and conviviality with citizen solidarity “.

Each ride is color-coded and follows precise timings, incorporating breaks and pick-ups from other towns along the way. In the Facebook group, one of the administrators announces ” the greatest civic force ever known before “. Some publish photos of their trucks or motorhomes with stickers “ i support the freedom convoy “, messages ” stop dictatorship and tricolor flags. In a survey, posted on January 29, about 1,500 people expressed their desire to participate.

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Unknown organizers

Who is behind this movement? Mystery. On Facebook, a certain Rémi Monde, followed by 11,000 people, acts as spokesperson for the convoy. In videos broadcast live, he calls on all who watch him to join the Facebook group and talk about it around them. ” You have all agreed to meet on this group and we thank you for it », Congratulates Rémi Monde in a video published this Thursday, February 3, implying that he is involved in the organization of the Convoy. On his Telegram channel, which has almost 14,000 subscribers, he has been calling for several months to demonstrate against health restrictions, the vaccine pass and vaccination. Like an air of Yellow Vests in November 2018, when the leaders were complete strangers before emerging during the demonstrations.

The French Freedom Convoy received the support of personalities appreciated by the antipasses. Well known for his disinformation on the Covid, Idriss Aberkane launched the movement on Twitter on January 28. ” Did you know that a freedom convoy was going to be organized in France? asks the essayist who supports the Canadian movement.

On the political side, Florian Philippot followed in Aberkane’s footsteps. “The wave will break over France! “, rejoices the president of the Patriots this Sunday, January 30. The next day, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, former candidate for the LR primary and now support for Éric Zemmour, tweeted: “ After Canada, French and European truckers are mobilizing. Support for the #ConvoidelaLiberte! #TousAParis “.

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Direction Brussels

Paris is only a stage for the potential French convoy. On February 14, the demonstrators plan to rally Brussels with the support of movements from the rest of Europe. According to the multiple Telegram loops set up by the World Freedom Convoy channel and the Twitter account “ European Freedom Convoy 2022 “, Demonstrations would start in Austria, Hungary, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy or Croatia. Each should reach their respective capital on February 11 and target Belgium three days later.

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If Brussels is targeted it is for the symbol it represents. The Belgian capital is the perfect place to put pressure on the European institutions in order to ” get out of this global tyranny », as the members of the different groups repeat over and over again.

Global movement?

If the Canadian demonstration is spreading in Europe, other countries of the world also have groups with equivalent ambitions. In Australia, a few hundred demonstrators gathered in the capital, Canberra, this Monday, January 31, but after a few hours, the demonstration ran out of steam. A miss that does not discourage other countries.

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A Freedom Convoy is also being organized in Israel and should be held, as in Europe, on February 14th. A Twitter account was created specifically for this convoy on February 1st. According to World Freedom Convoy, demonstrations are preparing in almost all countries of the world but, apart from scattered announcements, they do not seem as structured as in Canada or France.

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