Home Technology A Tesla travels 1200 km on a single charge

A Tesla travels 1200 km on a single charge


The days of reduced EV range may be over. The startup NextEnergy would have managed to run a Tesla Model S for 1,200 kilometers on a single charge thanks to a brand new prototype battery called Gemini. Thus equipped, the Tesla Model S breaks Mercedes’ previous range records with its EQS (770 km) and its EQXX (1,000 km).

The Tesla Model S has traveled almost 1200 km at the average speed of 80 km/h, knowing that the installation of the Gemini battery did not affect the general properties and performance of the vehicle. The Gemini battery offers an energy capacity of 416 Wh/L compared to 245 Wh/L and has a graphite anode + nickel-cobalt-manganese cathode combo. The density of the new battery still adds 331 kg to the Tesla.

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It remains to be seen when this new generation of battery will be able to be mass produced, if that is possible with current manufacturing techniques.

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