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A new platform to inform about pediatric cancer


Each year, approximately 2,200 new cases of cancer are listed in children and adolescents from birth to age 17. But, it is not always easy to obtain precise and verified information. To remedy this vagueness, the National Cancer Institute has developed and put online with the collective associations Grandir sans cancer, Gravir and UNAPECLE a new information platform dedicated solely to pediatric cancer.

The launch took place on Tuesday, February 15, on the occasion of International Childhood Cancer Day. This platform targets a wide audience, from children to young adults, including parents and health professionals. Goal ? Answer all questions about childhood cancer for different profiles. This new website supports parents in the course of care set up when they discover cancer. Regarding scientists, this platform also aims to “make visible the actions carried out and to come in the field of research in pediatric oncology, and promote collaboration between researchers”.

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An online dictionary and interactive maps

“Yes 5-year survival rate, often synonymous with healing, now exceeds 80%, we still have to do better. In addition, two thirds of the children who survived have sequelae from their treatment. This is why the mobilization of all against these cancers is at the heart of the actions of the ten-year strategy 2021-2030″, assures the press release.

For more pedagogy, users can also consult an interactive map of associations and the 47 establishments authorized in pediatric oncology. The site also offers a dictionary of terms that the family and the patient will hear and a list of frequently asked questions to find the answers to all their questions.

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