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A British firm will create the first film studio… in space


British society EES (for Space Entertainment Enterprise) announced a few days ago that it was planning to create the very first film studio for cinema…located in space! SEE is working jointly on this project with the startup Axiom Space, which for its part already collaborated with the NASA to attach to theISS a new experimental space station. SEE’s objective is to attach an Axiom space module (called SEE-1) to the ISS, which would be used for filming sequences of films taking place in space. Other elements would then be added to this module, which could even be separated from the ISS by 2028!

Does the project seem crazy to you? Still, SEE seems to know very well where to go. The British firm has received recognition from NASA (with which it therefore collaborates) and above all, it is largely producing the next film by Tom Cruise whose action will take place partly on board the International Space Station (the real Station, not a movie set). NASA and the actor are still in talks to define the best launch date to the ISS. After becoming the new “trendy” tourist destination for the planet’s billionaires, is space getting ready to host the film sets of the future?

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