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6G: speed record in China, i.e. 1 TB/s over a distance of one kilometer


6G never ceases to panic the counters. After LG, which carried out the first outdoor 6G transmission last year on terahertz frequencies, it is therefore the turn of a team of Chinese researchers to make the powder speak, with a throughput speed of 1 TB ( or 1 terabyte) in less than a second, over a distance of one kilometer! Remember to get the units of measurement in mind that 1 TB is equivalent to 1000 GB! The team of Zhang Chao, a professor at Tsinghua University, finds the comparison to be a hit, explaining that its record throughput amounts to transmitting the content of 1,200 double-layer Blu-Ray discs… every 60 seconds!


To achieve this result, the researchers exploited the potential of vortex waves, which make it possible to concentrate the signal without altering it and thus increase the speed almost exponentially. That being said, it will probably take around ten years (at the very least) before these stratospheric flows are reachable over distances of several kilometres. 6G is still a long way off…

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