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5G: ANSES updates its report and considers that the health risks are “unlikely”


I’handles (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety) has just updated its report on the deployment of 5G, but the tone remains the same as in April 2021. Thus, the ‘ANSES notes that “In the state of knowledge, [Il est] unlikely that the deployment of 5G will cause new health risks, compared to previous generations of telephony”. The update of the initial report was mainly intended to take into account new data and contributions resulting from a public consultation of“associations, citizens and industrialists” as well as the numerous remarks of anti-5G activists, just to calm the debate (we can doubt that this is enough for the most convinced).

In the end, almost nothing changes. ANSES notes that 5G in France generates exposure levels similar or “slightly superior” to those of 3G and 4G networks. The only stumbling block concerns the 26 GHz band, which would require additional usable data before being able to decide on the possible risks to human health.

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The agency nevertheless notes that it is “necessary to continue the production of data, in particular to follow the evolution of the exposure of the populations over the extension of the antenna park and the increase in the use of 5G networks”, and “Other effects such as the development of cancer, impaired brain function or fertility continue to be studied. »

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