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4G deployment February 2022: Orange and Free first, SFR and Bouygues tied


The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) is today publishing data concerning the deployment of 4G for February 2022. It was a rather slow month for Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile.

Orange and Free were stronger than SFR and Bouygues

Orange was the most active operator in terms of deployment in February with 130 new 4G sites, for a total of 27,693 sites throughout France. Free Mobile follows with 121 new sites over the same period. Xavier Niel’s operator now has 21,608 throughout France.

SFR and Bouygues Telecom are behind and have each rolled out 85 new 4G sites. The operator with the red logo now has 22,991 in France and its competitor has 22,878. To date, 59,442 4G sites are authorized in France by the ANFR (all operators combined).

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As for 5G, the ANFR is content to say that there are 32,633 5G sites authorized in France (including 5 sites overseas). 23,566 of them are declared technically operational by the operators. Almost all of these 5G installations are authorized on existing sites, already used by 2G, 3G or 4G technologies. Only four sites only host 5G. In February, authorized 5G sites therefore increased by 1.6%.

There is even talk of 2G. The ANFR has authorized Free Mobile to deploy 20 new 2G sites in the 900 Hz band. However, none of the 380 2G sites authorized since last month for this operator has been declared in service as of March 1.

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